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A bucket load …

Busy, busy busy … getting down, and very dirty (or dusty anyway) is the order of the day for the last couple of weeks.

It never ceases to amaze me how we go through periods of creative floods and famines. Certainly, it is flood time at the moment. And the best part is that a couple of the jobs on the go are even pay ones. I say ‘Praise God’ to that as well!!

So how does it work getting through all that is on my plate without getting completely overwhelmed? Basically I have to prioritize urgency (dollars and deadline), available equipment at the time,  and then which one is pushing my buttons.

Today, I am working on some of the wood carving pieces. One of those is in the picture attached. It is about halfway there. Here I am using some beautiful timber sourced from Newnes and the edge of the Wollemi Forest. Because of my hand disability (old injury) I cannot use traditional instruments of hammer and chisel very well, so it is all done with power tools. The main toys I use are Arbotech gross reducer, planer, and mini carver, then finishing off detailing with a Dremel and sanders.  These Arbotech  are life savers, as they fit onto an angle grinder, and then away we go. They are very dangerous if not used  carefully, but in saying, good old commonsense does come into play. Of course they create a bucket load of dust, and that is where a good industrial dust extractor comes into play. All the grindings/dust ends up on our vege garden as trimming to keep crawly bugs away from our latest crop – which works a treat.

Of course, reduction carving is a slow, patient business, but it is so exciting seeing the figure emerge from the block of timber something akin to what it was originally ‘talking’ to me to do. Australian bush timber is beautiful both to work and in its final appearance, either polished and oiled or rough and ragged. I hope you will enjoy seeing the pieces as they emerge.

Grip of Grief

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