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A Pleasant Discipline

With all the madness and pressure ramping up for the finalization of the thesis and upcoming shows, a very pleasant distraction has intruded itself. I have been fortunate enough to be invited to take part in a group show in the Sydney Fringe Festival titled: ’31 Days – The Space Between 2012′, which involves the dedication of completing an artwork a day for 31 days during July.

Check out the Gallery’s website for details – we would love to see you at the opening in August!

As our brief states: “31 Days celebrates the creative process and this year’s theme, The Space Between, is a reflection of the ebb and flow of ideas that occur in the daily practice of art and the works that are produced as a result. As the interlude between our daily life and the finished art, these spaces exist between thoughts and emotions, ideas and words, moments and places, objects and possessions.”
A passion for me is confronting life and our ‘meaning’ in life. This can articulate itself in many ways, but for me in this instance I will be focusing on the exploration of the space between life and death and how this occurs in the suburbs is often an an comfortable and glossed over topic. My contribution to 31 Days is entitled: ‘Compost’, referring to the uncomfortable inevitability that we all end up as compost, no matter how we try to hide in our ‘idyllic’ our suburban niceties. With this series, I am viewing the death and decay of one of our ubiquitous urban residents to highlight the sadness of death, and the corresponding beauty and frailty of life.

Here are two of the works so far …..

the rat on the hunt

Day 1 – Ratty on the hunt

the recently deceased

Day 5 – the recently deceased

I love drawing, and the discipline of producing regular quality pieces is both liberating and enjoyable. I just hope my wrist holds up! But with that minor caveat, I am really looking forward to the way this work is going to develop.