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Amsterdam – the surprising and beautiful

Screaming Child by de KeyserAfter doing the business side of the trip, it was time to immerse myself in the atmosphere and heritage. For this, I expected the unexpected – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Over the next few days, there was

  • a canal tour, observing the city’s special architecture from where it was designed to be functional;
  • Rijksmuesum – much as expected (wonderful masters, including Vermeers – drool, drool) until you turn a corner and something amazing  appears. Like the attached picture. Only a small timber sculpture from the 17th century, but wonderfully done in such exquisite detail showing the subject off beautifully.
  • multiple small contemporary galleries – and just like home are hit & miss … some wonderful, some ho hum. But inspiration won out hands down.
  • freezing rain & wind – was a bit rough one day, but the rest was actually quite pleasant (for me)
  • and as a finale, an old friend took me on a tour of some of their ocean heritage – truly breathtaking how clever these Dutch have been!

Now, it is time to road trip down to Belgium, and to search some important family history.

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