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And Done …

Well, that was intense!

A hugely busy and exciting weekend where I got to see multiple projects realized in the most satisfying ways.

Friday night saw the premiere of my new video documentation Electro Fractal Gamelon, a response to new music written specifically for my fire tubes by Peggy Polias. To say this collaboration was exciting is an understatement! Working with talented composers and musicians in one of our leading institutions was a wonderful experience, and hopefully will be repeated and extended on in the future.

The audience’s response to the video piece was everything I had hoped: intrigue, excitement, and an expression of a desire to see more. To say I was pleased would not be placing too fine a point on it.

Now, you too can share with what was seen:

I hope you enjoy this little excusion into my imagination as much as I have enjoyed burning, filming and presenting it.

Electro Fractal GamelonThe next part of the weekend’s exhibiting activities at BigCi in Bilpin will be descibed very soon!

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