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And now … for some real goooood!

Last post I shared one of my disappointments, but here there is an exciting vibe in the air!

Recently an old trusted friend, Warwick Saxby (and his lovely wife) moved back in the vicinity and are now able to spend much more time together – as opposed to seeing each other every few years. We had always wanted to work together, and now this has become a practical reality. He has some space, I have some mad ideas and sooo as a first step we have set up ‘The Micro-foundry, Katoomba’.

With both of our varying experiences in metallurgy, and our love of bronze and other cast metal, it was inevitable that we would pool our resources and play! We sourced a fine little furnace, some bronze rod, firing clay, refractory sand, welding gear, ….. and hey presto! We have a foundry.

Here is a link to a video of our first pour. You will note there is no sound, partly as flowing molten metal is so hypnotic I did not want to disturb the reverie, and partly because we were giggling with excitement too much!

Already we are now experimenting with investments, designing projects, and generally getting on with it.

Watch out for exhibitions coming up in September and October featuring work we have produced here. These will be at Gallery Red in Sydney, and a new gallery The Sidings Gallery at Medlow Bath. We are very excited with the quality of initial production, and the possibilities that lay before us.

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