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Busy, busy, busy …..

5 days to go!!

Now is catch up time – you know, that period after a major event (the show) where you get your bearings again and try and pick all the bits you let slide while you focus on the ‘event’.

Speaking of which: only 5 days to go, so if you haven’t got to see our show yet time is running out!. Gallery Red in Glebe is open Mon- Sat, so there is not really any excuse, is there?

Everything else?
– clean up the mess in the garage/studio after all the making
– Out at Villawood Detention Centre doing art lessons with the kids (great fun!!)
– Trying to get this thesis back on track
– Doing tax stuff (urgh, shudder)
– Dealing with family madness – how many people can be sick & things go wrong at the one time?

Anyway, back to it ……..

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