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Catching up

As we all know, nothing sits still, and my world is just barrelling along – whether I want to stop or not!

Now that the solo show, Gravis, is done and dusted, it is time to clean up the waiting projects, get started on the upcoming ones, and think up new exciting possibilities. But first, I have just uploaded a video tour of the show so you relive it, or see what you missed out on! Go to:

Clean up:

  • 31 Days: Lifeworld – the group show continues at Gallery Red, with artists talks next weekend on the 27th September.
  • The bronze commission is waxed and in at the foundry being cast, and planning for its installation.

Getting started:

  • Head down and tail up on Sculpture in the Vines construction work with my friend Warwick Saxby.
  • Getting Sculpture at Hillview organized and ready to go.
  • Assisting in planning the annual Christmas concert at C.B.C.
  • Conceptual planning for the Taste & See worship night, also at C.B.C.

New possibilities

  • Collaboration with some wonderful people in a new visual/aural event loosely titled Boundaries – stay tuned
  • Getting a submission organized for a possible piece in Vivid 2015 …. exciting times!

So, just when I thought I could pause and take a breath – HA! …. bring it on – such is the life of an ’emerging artist’.

Boundaries 1

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