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Isn’t it funny, how when you recover from a bad bout of any illness, your mind clears, and then goes into overdrive … 3am this morning & I was buzzing!!! Fortunately I also had a pen and paper, and so was able to take some notes as my mind flipped all over the shop (and there was some goooooood flipping too!).

Anyway, significant progress is now being made – over the weekend I was able to complete and upload to youtube a couple of very overdue videos needed for my thesis/grad show. To say I am pretty happy with them would be an understatement. Both are fire fountains I constructed and performed over the last 2 years. The links are below – enjoy.

Entrance Strategy –

Secrets Bare –

Tomorrow: I head up the mountains again to my good friend Warwick’s place and our Microfoundry to do some more metal pouring and videoing (and a ‘little’ bit of talking of course 🙂 )

Entrance Strategy

Entrance Strategy

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