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Friday is long gone ….

This blog is all about my journey as an emerging artist – with all its excitement and revelations, and with all its bad bits.


Well, after the graduation show for my research Masters, everything emotionally ground to a halt. This was expected, but still, there was not much to be done about it other than go along for the ride. Fighting it was just leading down a horrible depressive hole. The biggest immediate problem with that was suddenly, creeping up very quickly, was my next lot of shows! ‘5’ the birthday group show at Gallery Red has come and gone (thank goodness I had the work for that already sitting there); and now the major show about the plight of people seeking asylum in our country is just around the corner. It became imperative that I got some work happening. All my energy focused into this to make it happen, and fortunately it has & is.


‘I Want My Mum To Come’ is a collaboration with Jackie Benney exploring the real people caught up in this madness and their emotions. It is shaping up to be a very powerful show with many of the related NGOs throwing their support behind it. More details on that later, but attached is the invitation.


Anyway, work continues tying up loose ends of the degree (photos/videos to be edited & published, final thesis to be printed, bound & submitted), work on several side projects, as well as the main job of finishing all the pieces for the asylum show.


to work, to work!

AS Show invitation

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