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Full steam ahead!

As promised I would keep you up to date with the progress for my graduation/examination show in the kilnsĀ  of the old brickworks @ St. Peters: “Refinement in 3 Parts”

Well …

  • invitations have arrived and are starting to get distributed
  • worked on the sound for the rubens (fire) tube today … got that under control
  • got the 3 phase connection from the sparkie – now to test it on site!
  • arranged next session on site with Sydney Council, where electrical, more measuring, projection screens, projector, & hanging system will all be trialed.
  • press release is done & ready to go
  • floor plan done
  • fireworks for the opening ordered!

So …

full steam ahead with lots of little things to go – starting to get a little twitchy now!

show invitation

show invitation


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