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Full Steam Ahead!

Am getting stuck in!! and how!!

It is soo much fun AND soooo satisfying seeing it all starting to really come together.

I’m sure there will be plenty of wobbles over the next few weeks, but at he moment I am a real hoot!

Currently I am busy drafting press release, editing videos and doing final selections of images for the show! Tomorrow I will have latest editings back for the thesis, and hopefully that will now be very close to submission!

The latest video, the making of Trinity 3-II, I have just up loaded is of the work I did this week in the evening – I am sure the neighbours were wondering what was going on!! [youtube=]

You will find as well on Youtube other recent videos – if you look at only one other, check out Shimmering Dross … hypnotic.

Much thanks must go to my technical advisor and collaborator, Damien Armstrong, for his invaluable assistance in the development and execution of some pretty out there work!


Trinity 3-II

Trinity 3-II

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