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Head spins

Not the exorcist type, just a little madness incorporated …..

Since the last little epistle I have:
– delivered works to a great little group show opening, Farrago, in Epping at Pop Goes the Easel on Friday night, invite is….

– picked up materials for a new fire fountain,

– had an intense arvo with the kids at Villawood Detention Centre. A really good article looking at the refugee’s plight by Brynn O’Brien can be found at:

– getting next solo show opening featuring my fire and gunpowder paintings in the mountains at the Sidings Gallery, a new one in Medlow Bath attached to the wonderful Brown’ Siding Cafe opening on Sat Nov 10th …

– sick to death of people saying after the recent snow falls & cold weather: ” Oh, so much for global warming” …. ignorants!!! increase in extreme weather conditions IS a sign of climate change and a rapid global shift of climate – check out the heaps of info onĀ

– and getting ready to head down the mountains to lock myself away to get another slab done on the thesis

….. o dear I am feeling a little tired now.

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