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Long Time Between Drinks….

The last few months have simply been ‘off the dial’ for being able to focus on art & creative activities, but all is not lost! The juices are well and truly flowing again – and it is time to write and update as to what is happening. Between the annual Christmas family carnage (in a good way!); a lovely break with my nearest and dearest in Unzud; rebuilding the studio area; and doing a little bit of damage to myself (MRI showed a ‘complex injury’: multiple tears within muscle + avulsion from the bone – ouch) … the last few months have been a bit of a blur.

Fortunately, the corner has been turned with that inner drive to create not willing to take a passive role anymore. So, here is a brief description of what is happening:

  • Creative Worship: By far the most exciting and stimulating event so far this year has been a ‘live’ painting session, with friend Aaron Moore, within the prayer and praise evening of the 60th Anniversary of our church, Caringbah Baps. See picture attached. This was just so dynamic and exhilarating, anyone who was there that evening could not have been unaffected, it was that good. Where the group of creative associated with this church are heading this year is exciting.

 CBC 60th anniversary prayer and praise

  • Book Sculpture: a new work for the recently completed show ‘Disbound’ at Gallery Red. This is part of my ‘fond memories’ ongoing series This on being a re-envisaging of one of my favourite childhood movies: the Disney production of Bednobs and Broomsticks. It is approx.  H x  W of a recycled bed leg, handmade broom, and engraved movie graphics.
  • Currently: I am immersing myself in a 2 week residency at BigCi in beautiful Bilpin. Wonderful facilities, lovely serene environment, and hosts Rae & Yuri Bolotin are just so supportive. With my mother’s elderly status, plus the debt I owe her for leading my early formative years of painting and drawing, I am embarking on a significant body of work centred on her. It is touching on issues of loss, joy, heartache, death, love and closeness – all ongoing factors which we all experience in the grief process. This is personally significant with the reality that she will not be with us for much longer. More to come on this.
  • Kammerklang: that wonderful collaborative venture between new experimental music and visual art organized by the uber-talented Cameron Lam will be on again – and I have been fortunate enough to be invited to participate again. Emerging composer Peggy Polios has composed new work specifically for my Rubens Tubes – this is just so exciting. Friday, 8th of June at the NSW Conservatorium of Music – more to come on this too!
  • Solo show: at the moment I am having only one solo show this year in August (not that far away!!) at Gallery Red in Glebe. This is where the work described above relating to my mother will be displayed. Again – more details to come later.
  • Private Commission: This is the area I wish to head and develop further. At the moment there is a very interesting piece in the pipeline. This one is for a memorial on a grave site in Amsterdam – long story. This one has numerous complications in the proposal process, basically in 3 stages. Currently we are through stage 1, awaiting on stage 2. Here’s hoping and praying.

So, the classic ‘from famine to flood’! Of course, I will try to be more diligent in my writings, but given the amount happening I simply must keep it flowing so you don’t get left behind and miss out.

Bring on 2014!

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