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Lots going on!

Big few weeks happening right now!

Last night Self-contained opened at Gallery Red, in which the artists were asked to include and interpret a cardboard box –It was huge fun and the results were as varied as they were stunning. It is open until Nov 11th.

Tonight I have to be in 2 places at once!

  • The opening for Sculpture in the Vines at Wollombi – so happy with the result of our (my great friend Warwick Saxby) labour, it’s positioning and visual impact! The final result photo is attached. It is open until Nov 29th.
  • The other event tonight is one very close to my heart: a one night event at CBC of creative worship. These evenings are always special, and I am expectant of great things flowing!

Then, tomorrow afternoon and evening my work will be helping focus a special forum event for Open Doors. I am so happy to be of help with this important issue.

Then, next Friday eve – there is the opening of the Fishers Ghost Art Prize, which dear friend Jacquie Benney and I have been hung in the foyer! – more of that later!

Pictures of all of these are in the process of being uploaded onto Facebook … so keep looking and enjoy – cause I am.


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