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Coming up later this week (opening Friday night) is the first of the major shows which I am a part of in the next 6 months. 31 Days – The Space Between hosted by Gallery Red in Glebe is part of the 2012 Sydney Fringe Festival.

The brief for this group show describes it as: “31 Days celebrates the creative process and this year’s theme, The Space Between, is a reflection of the ebb and flow of ideas that occur in the daily practice of art and the works that are produced as a result. As the interlude between our daily life and the finished art, these spaces exist between thoughts and emotions, ideas and words, moments and places, objects and possessions.”
The project requires each artist to produce one small work per day from July 1 to July 31, 2011, each work, or the body of work as a whole, is to have some connection to the exhibition theme.

I have placed my work in our own suburbia looking at the often avoided, but unavoidable, space between life and death in the suburbs. The rat is ubiquitous, unwanted and often unseen denizen of the hidden spaces of our everyday lives. To document part of what we have common, the descent from existence into garden mulch provided a wonderful challenge to explore that ebb and flow of ideas and thoughts. 30 pieces consist of works on paper – pencil, conte, pen, charcoal and pastel. The 31st is a ‘Suburban Cinderella’.

Welcoming drinks are Friday August 31st, 6-8pm.

The show continues until the 25th of September.

More information can be found on Facebook at

the neighbours dropping in for a visit

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