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Thank God ON Friday – after this week?

What a week I’ve just had – it would rate up there as one of the most intense in a long time.

This time last week everything was pretty well in place: THE major show of my art career (Refinement in 3 Parts – my graduation/examination show) was humming along – the work was done; the venue under control; specialized infrastructure made … all that had to be done was final bits of advertising, bump in & let it all happen.

Yeah, right.

Monday afternoon, there comes a phone call from my council contact. Some 3rd party had come along and declared the structure unsafe – meaning: complete public usage ban until further notice.

O crap

Rest of this week has been spent alternating between on my knees praying; racking up a monstrous phone bill & inspecting possibilities; and curled up in a ball on the lounge rocking back & forward (No, there is now no chocolate left in the house).
Slowly, the haze is clearing and there is one venue 90% sure + one other absolute beauty I am waiting to hear back from.

So what have I got to be thankful for in a horrible situation like this? That’s easy: my friends. The support that I have had this week has been wonderful. The offers of help, be it physical, moral or spiritual, has kept me going. Honestly, without the phone calls, visits and supportive words I would have struggled much more than I did.

I cannot thank them enough, and praise God for putting these people in my life. This battle will be won and I will dance for joy!

This of course, is not over yet – but this section is almost done and dusted … now onto the next phase!Dancer

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