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Thank God ON Friday (bit late – it is fun at the moment)

This little missive is one of those dangerous ones … letting my slightly ‘not normal’ self (whatever ‘normal’ is) been seen by the world.
O well, what you get – is what you get, like it or lump it.

Friends: that is something I am eternally grateful for and scared of at the very same time.

Yes I know that is a bizarre comment, so let me explain:
– fact of life: we must have people around us – no matter how many times we try and shut ourselves away from the world there is always a small voice inside craving human companionship. Of course this takes many forms, but won’t get into that now.

– I am an only child (yeah, yeah – I know it explains a lot), so I have had great experience in being alone – often bordering on the dark side of that. As a result I both have the desire to be around others, yet at the very same time have the defensive mechanisms to withdraw and hide away.

– I have many people who I count as good friends in the art, dental, hockey, sailing, and church worlds; who I can just talk easily to, yet very few who can feel comfortable to¬† just drop in/go away for weekends/yada yada – Note, this is not a pity party, just a statement of facts – it is what it is, simple as that. What I find really strange is how often it is very difficult just to go out and see people, even when I know it is going to be a positive experience – I don’t understand that one, it is just there. And then there is taking the step to get to know someone completely new – now that is a head-spin.

– Yet deep down, why MUST we have this need? Many theories have been tossed around, including some weird opposing ones, but when we are stripped to our most essential core we are relational beings, we were created by a God that exists in 3-part union (I know someone will yipe at me saying this – bad luck, it is what I strongly believe and have had ample experience – especially by now!). Others much more scholarly than I have written books on this subject, so I could really get stuck into it, and probably will one day – just not today.


So what is my point to this giving thanks for friends? Without going into their private details, over the last few days I have been privileged to spend time more time than has been normal with several of my closest friends and their families.

I am just so humbled and appreciative that I have such wonderful people in my life that allow me in just to be there during the tough, as well as the good, times.

my 'pea' brain

my ‘pea’ brain




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