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Thank God ON Friday – Bronwyn

Been a busy last couple of days, and it has all centred around our eldest daughter: Bronwyn.

21 today

Even though like every family we have our moments, I love her to pieces and am so proud of the lovely young lady she has developed into. Take for example last night, ‘the’ party was a quiet affair with family and friends, then out to the local & we didn’t even hear her come home at a reasonable hour!

She even asked for one of my fire & ice installation pieces to feature down the yard!

Because we carried on a bit and lost track of time … how surprising …. resulting in the formal part of the speeches being cut right down so peoples could get on and head home with their little ones, or get stuck into the party atmosphere.

Just for fun here is the speech I prepared:

Rite of Passage
In these days of political correctness we have to be careful about our hazing, or Rites of passage
The 21st birthday is party is one of those & this part is where a parent gets to embarrass you in front of family & friends
Seriously for a sec I hope everyone here knows how much we love you 2 (Bron & Rach) & how proud we are of you – we’ve done our best to teach you to love and fear God, and all the benefits & responsibilities that come; and to not be backward in chasing your dreams.
But – the transition from adolescent to adult is marked in a variety of ways
• Used to be presenting you with the key to the door, missed that by a few years
• Or nowadays some give material things, like a car … you may dream but not here
• But in other societies … I have done a bit of research & like some of the ways other cultures mark this point
I suggest we can learn by understanding some of these – like:
• In Canada, the youth of the Algonquin Indians were brought to a secluded area, often caged, and then given an intoxicating medicine known as wysoccan, an extremely dangerous hallucinogen that is said to be 100 times more powerful than LSD. Unfortunately some of the side effects include severe memory loss of their own identity, and even the ability to speak.
• Vanuatu Land Divers, On Pentecost Is climb 30-meter wooden tower, tie vines to their ankles and dive to the ground. When a dive goes correctly, the person gets close enough to touch his shoulders or his head to the earth. If get it wrong – broken legs, cracked skulls, or even death.
• Ethiopia Harmar Cow Jumping – This rite of passage for men coming of age must be done before a man is permitted to marry. The man-to-be must “jump the cattle” while naked (except for a few cords bound across the chest) four times to be successful.
• Amazon – a tribe performs an initiation ritual where place their hands into mittens filled with hundreds of bullet ants. The bite is approximately 20 times more painful than being stung by a wasp.
• Brazil – For a man to prove himself worthy to he must undergo series of trials. The first stage involves dumping bitter poison directly into their eyes allegedly in order to improve their vision and enhance the senses. The next includes beating and whippings. Concludes with inoculation of the Phyllomedusa bicolor, a small poisonous frog. After burning an area of the skin, the frog toxin is injected with the use of a wooden needle. The poison is said to increase strength and endurance, however, these enhancements must come after the unbearable light-headedness, vehement vomiting, and violent relieving of the bowels.
Instead tonight it appears to be trial by slushie ….

Of course this would have been embellished along the way, but you get the idea.

Happy 21st our Bronny – we love you and thank God for you!

some tongue action with her wolf friends

Bronny receiving some tongue action from some of her wolf friends

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