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Thank God ON Friday … it’s Friday????

Quite frankly – wow

What an absolutely psychotic week!

Such is the life of a sculptor.

Major successes were had: the show is almost ready to go (Refinement in 3 Parts Рopening April 19 @ the kilns, St Peters) & the new website  ( is up and running!

Unfortunately, these were tempered by some disappointments:  lack of progress on paperwork for various needs; loss of time for training; and culmination being almost completely smashed!

This week was spent trying to tie up loose ends for the upcoming show, building hanging system, testing equipment, taking 2 steps forward & one backward, or … seemingly not making any progress at all … that is the lot of the artist this week – with the pressure ramping up day by day.

And, at the same time trying (in vain) to start thinking about the next show, try to continue to be proactive in the causes I am passionate about, organise paperwork, and enter upcoming competitions!

It didn’t pan out like it should have, and a couple of days it just ended in a great big mess. OK, challenge laid down, accepted, and engaged!

This is the life of a sculptor: organised (at least pretending to be) chaos, and attempting to allow the creativity flow in the mix of madness.

On the good side, all the work has been completed, the vast majority of the infrastructure is built (remind me not to strange spaces too often – fun to do, but gee it’s hard work!), and most of the performance pieces have been successfully tested – like the Rubens tube image you can see …

Feather - flame tube

Feather – flame tube

So the countdown to the show continues (2 weeks today!!!); the new website is up and running (thanks to the kids @ Red Ant Media); and I am really thanking God I have made it through to Friday.

Time for a breath and then back at it again!

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