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Thank God ON ….. what day is it?

O dear … seems the craziness of life has mucked up the discipline of Fridays …. O well

I was going to comment on the passing of a dear friend’s father, but today my mind has been redirected to the horrible plight of the people seeking asylum in our country.
Still the populist lines run from the ignorant politicians (for their own political expediency) and the majority of the sensationalist media …… when are they going to start pushing the actual truth that seeking asylum IS NOT ILLEGAL?

For me one of the bizarre things out of all this situation is how much money is being wasted in detaining these helpless people in this way- more comment on that at a later date.

Today’s Age newspaper is running a front page story starting to bring a bit of balance …. Age – Hell

I can still not understand how a supposedly caring community we live in allows this to happen in our name.

I just thank God the situations are not reversed and we are not in their situation. And, that we have an opportunity to try and make this right.

So what are you going to do to help someone suffering today? Pull the covers of apathy over yourself yet again? or actually do something (even small) about it?

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