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Thank God ON …… whatever day it is today!

I just have to laugh at my lifestyle these days … exactly what day it is has almost become irrelevant!
Anyway, today I must praise Him & give God thanks that he has given me a brain that works (at times), and that occasionally I dust it off to use!

What am I talking about? Like many of us, after doing much work and application to whatever task at hand I tend to get ‘light-bulb moments’. My latest: after 10 years of uni study (this time around), 5 years of research, 18 months of periods of intense writing, numerous edits & proof reads, the paper of not quite 20,000 words & 90 pages is printed ready for the examiners; it all comes down to this … just casually looking over it again, one particular word just didn’t look right. Not just one of those fancy words you throw in to make it sound much better & not repetitious, it was one of those important words that is even in the title and appears many times spread throughout that approaches the heart of the last years of work – something in the dim, dark recesses was jangling away & it just didn’t look quite right.
Ok – go on, get out the Thesaurus for one more time and check it ….. YOU IDIOT! YOU SPELT IT WRONG!!!!!
How many re-writes, how many proofreads, how many others proof-reading (including my supervisor, lecturers, specialist writing advisors, a professional paid proof-reader/editor – and me!!!!) ALL missed it!

Well, no longer … and I really do have to throw buckets of hallelujahs around that I had the intelligence to go over it again and recognise it! That intelligence certainly doesn’t come from me – whenever I try and do stuff it usually ends in a mess. There is an old cliché: ‘Let go & let God’ … and it is sooo true!

If we don’t – we just end up with another Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Day II

Bad Hair Day II


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