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Troubling times for emerging sculptor

As promised .. I am keeping you in the loop of the journey of an emerging sculptor – this one is a doosey.

Next week was to be the opening of my examination/graduation show, displaying the culmination 5 years of often exciting and difficult work. Six months ago it was confirmed that I could use the kilns in Sydney Park, a beautiful venue and so appropriate for my work.

Less than 48 hours ago I received a phone call basically stating a third party had got involved and cited the possibility of structural defects, putting a closure order on the whole site pending full structural analysis.

No venue, no show, no exam, no proclamation of the delicacy and power inherent in fire …. all the advertising that had been done is now a complete waste, all the infrastructure that had been created for the kilns is now a complete waste.

Needless to say I am gutted. Another example of the spiritual warfare that we daily wage. BUT I AM NOT GOING TO MEEKLY ROLL OVER.

Since then I have alternated between being on my knees in prayer; racking up a monster phone bill calling anyone/everyone who may have a site contact (more would be welcome!); and curled up in a ball rocking back & forward eating chocolate.

Some headway has been made, with a stopgap option in place, but this would never do my work justice. Today I will be inspecting several sites for their suitability. I have to say my contact at Sydney Council has been nothing but supportive, and he has done beyond a normal public servant’s duty in trying to make this right.

Ideally I would like to have the new venue sorted out by the end of this week, so I can redesign/remake the show … and maybe get some partial new advertising out there.

Any thoughts/prayers/ideas would be greatly appreciated – feel free to contact me

Onwards with the adventure today!

bye bye brickworks

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