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What to do next?

It’s funny, I have had lots of people recently asking me: “O you are finishing your degree, what are you going to do next?”

Maybe keep breathing and making stuff!

I mean no disrespect to those who have made this, or similar comments, as it would have been made out of genuine interest and care for me, but really – life goes on & wherever God is going to lead me next, I will follow. And I hope most people who know me will get that!
After having completed 3 previous uni degrees I think I might have come to terms with this reality.

I can tell you what I am working on now, in addition to my grad show next month, to help roll on in that post-grad psychotic haze:

– I am working up 4 options for proposal for a potentially exciting commission.
– the show highlighting the asylum seeker issues at the Australian Catholic Uni’s National Gallery with good friend Jackie Benney : “Want My Mum To Come” is getting closer all the time.
– with another ‘old’ friend Warwick Saxby, another show is booked in October at Red Gallery in Glebe paying homage to the 100 year anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s seminal readymade installation.
– developing up a fledgling prophetic art ministry down south in our local area.
+ doing proposals and entries for as many sculpture shows/competitions as I can make to get my profile out & about!

Hope you think that I might just keeping myself fairly well occupied!

Cause I am excited by it!

hand of help

hand of help

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