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Working, working, working

This is one of those postings I almost didn’t do …. but as I want to give you a little insight into the life of an ’emerging artist’, it became more than necessary: it was a MUST!

At this stage where people think I am just laying around at home, chillin’ with a beer, development/preparation work of 5 separate projects is both going on in my head and physically happening at this particular instance, each with its own priority and stage of progress.

  • Grad show set up: trial frames/hanging supports/data projectors/tech set up/council fun/ ice moulds
  • developing Good Friday installation/performance @ CBC, visualising & interpreting Genesis 3
  • new web page development – writing content & choosing/sizing images
  • commission enquiry – trying to get contractors to provide costings … grr
  • entries for competitions/shows

And people wonder why my mind is a bit messy at times! But it does get the job done & done quite nicely 🙂


ice moulds under construction for Grad show

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