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Amost over ….. today til 5; Sat 10-4; Monday & Tuesday 9-5 … and that is it!

I must thank all those who have made this showexceed all my expectations: the Crew @ Gallery Red (esp. ‘The Lizzy’); Warwick & Dave with constructions; all the monster numbers who came to the opening night and made it such a success; Dave & Liz for contributing to the documentation of the show; and the lovelies who got to put red dots on the works!

If you haven’t had a chance to have a good look, or ned a second go, then time is running out ….

Here are a few samples of the work on display.

Love, Loss, & Laughter detail

Lament series


5 Faces of Grief

5 Faces of Grief


Memories detail




opening 2

opening 3

opening 4

Old style Selfie detail

Credit of the photos here goes to David Vagg & Liz McCrystal – I haven’t had a chance to do any yet!

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