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It’s all happening!

  • Sculpture Society show is in and happening at Darling Park , Sussex St in the city
  • Boundless Plains: Creative Convesations was held on Saturday night and was wonderful!

To exhibit with other talented artists, dancers, spoken word and musos + get to hear great panel discussions surrounding one of Australia’s great human rights failures was an honour. High kudos to Helen Wright and her team at Annandale Creative Arts Centre. The image attached is one of my installation+projection “Tears of a Fallen World”, kindly supplied by David Vagg Photography. More info on the event and how it went can be seen on their Facebook event page (

  • And now, it is final preparations for the opening of my solo show “Gravis” on Friday night at Gallery Red in Glebe (6-8pm). I am VERY happy with how the work is shaping up, so come down for beer/wine and a chat! More information on:

"Tears of a Fallen World", image courtesy of David Vagg Photography

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