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Thank God on Friday – who are we?

Sitting around dinner last night, out on the veranda, on a really pleasant clear evening after a pretty psycho week (what’s new there?) … I was looking around musing on how wonderful and fortunate I was to have the family I had.

Yeah, yeah, I know it may sound clich├ęd & smaltzy, but I am quite serious. I am incredibly blessed with a talented strong wife, both kids having the confidence and ability to chase their dreams, and their friends having the confidence to come and share a meal with us for no particular reason at all. Of course I could not go without mentioning our 2 beloved fur-fam members … as if they would ever leave us alone while there was food on the table!

All of us have our significant ups & down, but throughout the dramas the strength gained from the knowledge that our family is there (wider family included in this too) has helped bring us back from the precipice a few times.

I could not imagine how events and we would have turned out without their physical presence just quietly supporting us through the ugly times.
Even in the not-tough-times, just having them there with a warm smile and occasional hug is the fuel that keeps me going, and when its party time …well!!!

God has blessed me with a wonderful family, and I just really want to thank Him today for them.

the fam!

the fam!

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