Thank God ON Friday - what are we doing to our planet?


Hands up all those who like to live in a fairly clean, area, with drinkable water & breathable air - none of which is doing too much harm to us + is not deteriorating to any significant degree.

We have a wonderful world that we live in, it is beautiful and dangerous and breathtaking and delicate and awe-inspiring all at the one time. And we have been given - whatever word you want to use - dominion/custody/responsibility over it. Of all species, our actions and our actions alone have significantly affected the past, are significantly affecting the now, and are significantly affecting the future.
Destructive pollution has scarred and is scarring our world: from cigarette butts to plastic bags to ubiquitous fossil fuel usage (eg. carbon monoxide from our cars) to asbestos; right up to nuclear pollution from test/weapons/energy by-products.

That is in the past + now ... so what is going to happen in the future?

Many people either don't care, or just pay plain lip service to a problem that is not just going to effect quality of life, but the ability to exist in many areas in the near future. For example: island nations such as Kirabati & Marshall Islands, which are not going to exist in a few years time. This I find very sad, short sighted and selfish.

What can we do about it? There are a myriad of small things we can do in our daily lives to reduce pollution & reliance on fossil fuels (with hitting our hip pocket nerve which I know many are more interested in!!). Eg: turn of light switch, don't use plastic bags, dispose of rubbish properly, walk or ride instead of drive to name a few - and that is not even touching the big stuff of getting socially active to take a positive step to help our world be a better place!!!!
A simple step is to support Earth Hour tonight! Despite the lack of media coverage and publicity it is on TONIGHT!! Such a simple action has a meaningful statement in both a symbolic and real way. So take a step and do it!

There are a myriad of active groups (, Earthwatch, Greenpeace, Wilderness Society, World Wide Fund for Nature) trying to rescue us from ourselves. Why don't we actually help them? If you middle-upper class suburbanites are too stingy to monetarily support them, or you even disagree with their politics, why not just start a conversation & talk it up to help fix our breaking world!

I love our planet and thank God for the responsibility that He has given us to take care of it - it is up to each individual to that responsibility seriously and act on it.