Finally, it begins ...


And so it begins .....

For a while now I have had this little urge to document my first tentative steps and experiences in my desire to be a 'real artist'.  (whatever that means to you ... for me it shows my wish to create works as a full-time occupation - and approaching to be adequately compensated for it).

First a quick bit of history:

No fancy upbringing, or horrible hard up stories - just plain middle-class suburbia, thence onto university pursuing an 'honourable' profession of dentistry. A deep love of God and my family formed the centre of my world. 20 years later I am still in the same area (the beautiful Sutherland Shire), but the wheels fell off with a severe permanent wrist injury.

From here being adequately insured has given me a safety net where I can chase the dream of my first love: drawing/painting/creating 'stuff'.

After running a business for many of those years I had to formulate a plan of what to do (goals), and a definite timeline, and how to get to those goals.

This brings me to entering COFA (College of Fine Arts, UNSW) eight years ago, and a very steep learning curve. This has been brilliant, both in learning, extending myself and meeting many wonderful people along the way, and discovering my love for creating objects in sculpture, performance and installation that both challenge and stimulate. Bronze, timber, stone, oil glazing ..... all sorts of fun!

Now, many of those stages  have already been fulfilled on the pathway I laid out, and it is how I have gotten to where I am now I wish to share with you - as well as the latest and greatest, and to keep it real: some of the kicks in the guts and disasters that do rear their head from time to time.

Of course, keeping up the discipline to write at least once a week will be interesting, but I shall do my best in the daily madness of life.

Until next time

cheers & God bless