how many fingers in how many pies?


What a quiet little life we live ...... thought I'd just share with you some of the different directions all pulling at the one time - long gone are the days of just turning up to work and rolling my way through a full appointment book!
- today we had the dedication of 20:1, the installation for Magdalene High School (see picture)

[caption id="attachment_25" align="alignnone" width="250"] Sculpture for Magdalene High School, referencing John 20, verse 1.[/caption]

- Masters by research @ COFA (College of Fine Arts, UNSW). Over the next 12 months the end of the latest degree will be finalized. In that time 3 major & a few minor works have to be completed; final show has to be booked/designed & organized; thesis has to be written & submitted.
- shows (both group and solo) must have work made & be organized
- competitions entered (and of course work made for them!)
- get myself 'out there' in a targeted, methodical way
- finish mural at the hockey club
- work/develop new Artist in Residence @ Miranda Primary School
- head out west to Fowlers Gap very soon!
and of course:
- spend time with the fam
- play hockey
- dream of sailing again

phew - anyone feeling a bit weary?

as the classic cliche says: 'into it'!