Sculptor / Painter / Land Artist



One cannot escape their past, and so I embrace it, with all its many allusions.

After 20 years of private practice dentistry, circumstances forced a change, and I was able to pursue my original dream of creating! On top of that I have a long standing, deep seated Christ based view of the world. Add in a wonderful wife & kids, and you have a very interesting background to bring to the creative table.

Recently (2013), I completed a Masters Research degree in Sculpture, Performance and Installation at the College of Fine Arts (University of New South Wales).

The land, its interpretation, and issues surrounding its usage and intervention have been a recurring theme throughout my work. My research centered around fire, and refinement through fire, its controllability, its significance and its aesthetic, hypnotic qualities.

Among other fields of interest include: – a considerable awareness of the science of health and welfare,
– incorporate my deep love of God in my life into my work,
– active with helping bring other artists to experience our Australian landscape through the research group I.L.I.R.I. (Imaging the Land International Research Initiative) which is very active around Broken Hill, and particularly the UNSW Arid Zone Research Station at Fowlers Gap.

This web site showcases many of the elements of my work over recent years. I trust that you will enjoy what is displayed, and pass the word around to your friends and family to order or purchase some work so I can keep on creating!

Top Image: @johnephotography




Dear Keith, such a pleasure it was to meet you, and how I love the bronze bike you made. It really is as if you knew Madeleine well.”

Joosje N.

bronze memorial, Zorglieb cemetery, Amsterdam, 2014.


We commissioned a work by Keith after seeing his sculpture and being impressed by his ability to speak volumes through each individual piece. Keith spent time listening to us and getting to know us spiritually and the resulting piece was not only stunning in its skill and visual appeal but also spoke to us as a couple in a prophetic manner over our marriage. It is a representation of how we have more to offer with our hands combined to strengthen each other with open hands and hearts and will always remind us of this in our daily lives as it resides in our home.”

Melissa S.

timber carving, 2018.

Better than the ones in the village!

Niels B.
bronze wombat private commission, Thredbo, 2010.

Both the Police and Fire Brigade Commanders were astounded at your carvings …you could see their eyes widen and both took a very closer look at them for a few minutes …The Police Commander said to me, "I take it then that this is a very valuable gift", so I just smiled…

Geoff W.

Huon Pine timber carvings, presentation gifts for Retired Police Association trip to Egypt, 2017.