SMALL - large - big - LITTLE


It is that time again .... they are letting me loose in a gallery to put up the fruits of my recent labour!
This time I have invited an 'old' talented friend, Warwick Saxby, to join me and quite frankly I am really excited about the collaboration that is coming forth.

Gall Red writes: 'In conjunction with Sydney Fringe Festival 2012, Gallery Red presents 'SMALL-large-big-LITTLE', by artists Warwick Saxby and Chidzey.

Please join us on Friday 28 September, 6-8pm for drinks and to meet the artists.

Using painting, drawing and sculpture to explore many issues, big and small, the artists muse over the human condition, from its simple banalities through to demonstrating its glorious potential. Chidzey and Saxby approach these issues through quite divergent methodologies, in a delicate but often confronting way.

Download the invite here:

Or check out the website for more details:'

Warwick and I have been friends since kindergarten (yes, that is a very long time!), and over the years we have developed very similar interests, even though often separated through a great distance. For example: we have the same faith, both have ended up sculptors, and have been married to chefs for over a quarter of a century!! - now that scares even me!!!!

Working together for the first time we have combined our differing experiences and knowledge base to pursue our love of the metal medium, casting our own bronzes in the newly formed MicroFoundry @ Katoomba. This has been an absolute blast playing catch with molten metal :-). Of course, given our individual talents, we have incorporated other media into our work, ranging from timber to stone, concrete and rope!

Come and have a chat, and drink our drink/eat our food, at the opening, but if you can't make it then, the show is on for 2 weeks.

Of course, please send this around to your friends and contacts.