Bye, bye January - Instead of TGIF: Thank God ON Friday


Well, there goes another month ..... I had been more than a bit quiet over this time due to a family holiday to Hawaii (a wonderful time! you are welcome to see some photos on 'lurkbook'), the shoulder surgery, and a really 'nice' dose of the flu once I got home!
But - 'I'm back!!!!"

As a result of that lovely time of peace and reflection, a few things have happened:
1 - I am raring to get stuck into the final parts of my thesis and graduation show and really push over the finish line with some energy. After 4 years devoted to this research, and 10 years gurgling around the hallowed halls of COFA - that is saying something!
2 - appreciation of quality time with my family
3 - liking it when my friends/family are healthy, as that is such a delicate line we tread.

As a result of this break, even though I am still very passionate about the injustices and inequities in the world which we can actually do something about and will continue advocating and highlighting issues, I want to devote one day each week to find and focus on the positives in this world - as there is a lot we can be thankful for.
So, instead of the old TGIF, look out for 'Thank God ON Friday!'

What should I start being thankful for? I really must say after feeling like crap and very sorry for myself the last couple of weeks, I must celebrate that I can breathe and move, and create! How can I say that with a permanently damaged wrist, blowing out my shoulder, having the flu, etc, etc? Over recent months, I have stood by and watched as close friends have become ill and some have died. Fortunately, several know Jesus on an intimate level and that completely shifts the goalposts for them (and me) when facing the reality of living and dying. Sitting here on my computer, on this rainy morning, I rejoice that I can do what I can appreciate God's creation and creativity, absolutely love doing what I am doing and looking forward to what is coming next!