Gee Time flys!


I just looked and saw how long it has been since my last post - could not believe it!

Nevertheless, I am back again and will promise to try to update more often (as opposed to more regular - once a quarter is regular, not much use - but still regular!).

As previously stated, this year again got off to a horrid start with the dose of  Dengue fever and its after effects. The after effects did not clear enough for me to be functional until the end of March. Since then the work has been ramping up more and more. There was the completion of a couple of major competition pieces, with one of them exhibited and sold! Plus, the occasional artist-in-residence gig at a primary school has rolled along again, and applications have been going out right, left and centre.

Currently, the focus is completely on the upcoming residency in Poatina (Tas), its work directions, and the resulting solo show in Glebe immediately after my return to the 'big island'.  My ongoing research into St Francis of Assisi is the main topic, particularly focussing on his understanding of beauty, creativity, and the environment, and the subsequent implications for us today. Attached is one of the works in progress. Several more images are up on my Facebook page ( ). Hopefully, soon I shall be putting up some of the writings.

Please pencil in Tuesday, July 26th, 6 pm, at Gauge Gallery in Glebe Point Road, Glebe for the opening!