A Day in the life of ...


So you think it is all beer and skittles being a sculptor? [It would be nice if there were at least some beer.] Or, that we sit around all day in our little creative universe just pottering around making stuff?

Let me illuminate what a day in my shoes is like.

Let us take Thursday this last week. As Thursdays go, it was not your average. Recently, I have been up the mountains getting ready for Sculpture in the Vines, but this week it got swapped. Thursday had become Wednesday – yes, welcome to my world: who knows what is going to happen the next day, let alone a week away!

  • A normal wake up, breaky/emails/scramble around.

  • Over an hour on the computer doing insurance company paperwork.

  • Take the dogs for a walk. Then some circuit training (starting the rehab for the damaged spine).

  • Trial set up and adjustments for Sculpture at Hillview installation – not happy, will need more thought/development to get it correct.

  • Stop for lunch.

  • Off to the commercial foundry (Crawford’s Casting) in South Strathfield to supervise welding of commission job. (Witnessed a big container collapsing over – told you never know what to expect).

  • To  Campbelltown for meeting with the wonderful Jackie Benney re Fishers Ghost Art Prize – have to select 4 out of nine works to provide for hanging in the foyer of the Campbelltown Art Centre.

  • Back to the M5 craziness, heading home to pack tools and make sure all is ready to install our major installation tomorrow. ‘Interrogating the Subject’ is the work, created with Warwick Saxby, to go in Wollombi for Sculpture in the Vines.

  • Finally, stop at about half eight thoroughly smashed.

And so, another quiet little day is done. I chose this day, as it was one of those special days when things go right, and the anticipation of multiple pieces of work coming together gives those little exciting chills.

It was a good day.

Attached is an image of the commission piece for Amsterdam after welding, and before I have started cleaning, trimming, polishing, patinaeing.