Burn baby, burn


One of the exciting projects I am involved with developing at the moment is a further performance extension of the fire tubes from my recent post graduate research work.

As always, playing with fiery things is exhilarating, and I only need the smallest excuse to dust off my Rubens tube ‘friends’ and fire them up. The excuse this time is a new music and hybrid-art production company developed by Cameron Lam* called Kammerklang.  I had the privilege of being part of an early incarnation a couple of years ago at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. New talented composers were matched with visual artists to create innovative collaborative work. It was wonderful then, and this is wonderful now!

This time around, I have been matched with a talented lady Peggy Polias, who has written not one, but two pieces specifically for the fire tubes. Her journey on this project can be followed at: http://peggypolias.wordpress.com/2014/04/19/new-work-for-kammerklang-ablaze/

Followers of my particular version of ‘mad bastardry’ will be pleased to know there will be much burning, much flowing, and much fun in the production and presentation of this work. And no dumb 2 legged human animals will be deliberately harmed in its making! (I can’t guarantee a certain drummer’s accidental fire throwing). There will be Rubens tubes, there will be vibraphone, there will be fire fountain, there will be electro, there will be splashing and gnashing in the flames – if you don’t believe me come and see the event!

The event Kammerklang Ablaze is on June 6th in the Music Workshop, Sydney Conservatorium of Music.  Invitations, details and tickets are on Facebook are at: https://www.facebook.com/events/232626440263063/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&source=1

And also, ticket presale and the Pozible campaign to support a CD recording:

To say it is a privilege to have someone writing music to go specifically with your installation is an unexpected and humbling experience – I am so looking forward to seeing the final outcome.


*Cameron Lam: http://www.cameronlam.com/