Thank God ON Friday - why this Friday?


Just for a change, I'm a bit early ... tomorrow will be a bit busy with remembering a sacrifice that was made over 2000 years ago.

But why do we bother?
For a start, Jesus Christ (who is what tomorrow is all about) is an actual factual historical figure, and there is a lot of contemporaneous material dealing with him.
We use this Friday of the Jewish Passover to remember his death.
This death, of course, had to come before the fulfilling of a whole pile of hundreds of years old prophecy with his resurrection on Sunday morning.

But why was all this even vaguely necessary?

Simple - it is a broken world and His actions were required to heal it! Watch the video on the link Free-Fall for a simple dramatisation explaining it. I am privileged to be involved with similar dramatic performance, but with a sculptural bent in the morn at Caringbah Bapos ( ) describing 'The Crux of the Story'.

Too many people try to muddy the waters & overcomplicate it. It is not rocket science: we live in a flawed world and with any wrong-doing, a price must be paid. How much more complicated do you want to make it?

The big point of Friday is not to pig out on choccy & have a day off work, but to remember the sacrifice that was made for you.

I remember it, and appreciate its full implications - do you?