The wheels keep spinning ... quicker and quicker, and it is fun!


What whirlwind … I have to be quite deliberately organized and planned to keep a lid on all the myriad of threads running around both in my head and through my life in recent months.

In the few weeks since Harboursculpture there has been Sculpors Society of NSW Incinerator show; Sculpture at Koorindah [awarded Highly Commended] and Sydney Artists Retreat. At S.A.R., that wonderful synergy of chilling out with diverse creatives, relaxing, and focussing came together to begin a whole new body of work. Not just begin, but produce multiple clay marquettes which in the coming weeks will take form in carved and polished Huon Pine. This is really exciting for me.
Then there is the finalization of the pieces to be shown in a few very short months overseas.

Other than the production of these works, there will be the ongoing relationship I have with my keyboard banging out proposals and expressions of interest, there has been the slow but sure deliberate march to embrace social media as a form of communication for my work. Painful as it has been for an old luddite like me to do this, it is very gratifying to see people's feedback and encouragement - thank you. It may seem like a no-brainer, but getting into regular posting on Instagram is essential. It is a visual communication form, so it is lunacy for me to delay my involvement any further. So, look for keith_chidzey and follow the fun. I am putting up not just my current work, and its significant milestones in production, but also interspersing this with older work so everyone can enjoy in this format what I have created before. It is a discipline I have not quite got right yet, but am getting there.
As well as kicking Insta into gear, the website and youtube are about to have a ‘spring cleaning’ and revamp to make them a bit more professional and user-friendly. Stay tuned.

I must throw a shout out to my friend Josh Brown and his assistance in focussing my wandering head and getting this whole professional rebranding into a coherent meaningful structure – instead of the many-headed disconsonate beast it resembles.
And a further mention to a couple of good friends whom continue to motivate me to put my vague desires into action: Rhonda Castle & Craig Graham. In their own unique methodology their metaphorical and ongoing ‘kick-up-the-backside’ has been greatly appreciated.
Next: I am so enthused to hit the work, get into more shows, get my work out there for as many people as possible to share in it [as scary as that can be for me!!] – watch the various links listed in the attached picture for what comes forth before heading off to Italy, Assisi, and the Florence Biennale in a few short months!