‘Wing It’
to 25 Feb.

‘Wing It’

Please join the artist on Saturday the 2nd February from 4 - 6pm for the exhibition opening.

Exhibition runs 10am - 4pm 7 days until Monday 25th February 2019

Gallery 47
47 Louee Street
Rylstone NSW 2849
P 02 63245786
E ginny@numberfortyseven.com.au

Wines generously supplied by Naked Lady Wines

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Meet Frank
to 15 Feb.

Meet Frank

A sculpture exhibition exploring a contemporary understanding of St. Francis of Assisi

Mercure Kooindah Waters
Golf & Spa Resort
40 Kooindah Boulevard
Wyong, Central Coast, NSW 2259
Ph: 4355 5777

With ‘Artist Talk’ By Chidzey
Hosted at 2:00pm on
Saturday, February 10, 2018

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Assisi, International Contemporary Art Exhibition
to 8 Dec.

Assisi, International Contemporary Art Exhibition

On Friday, December 1st, 2017 at 5:00 p.m., the annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2017 has been launched at the prestigious art gallery, Le Logge, in the historical town of Assisi UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The exhibition, which will run through the 8th of December, includes all the works produced by the selected artists and writers throughout the year at Arte Studio Ginestrelle artist residency in the regional park of Mount Subasio, as well as at the Writer’s residency located in the historical town of Assisi.
This exhibition is proudly supported by the Cultural Association Ginestrelle, the Council of Assisi, through the provision of the prestigious historical gallery (XI century) and by the American artist Ms. Virginia A. Mallon whom, through her association Open Road Creations, has donated to the fellow artists and published the International Contemporary Art Guide 2017, which aims to present a summary of the artistic projects shown at the Gallery in Assisi for the annual art exhibition.
Along with the authorities of the City of Assisi, the art critics Prof. Giovanni Zavarella, Prof. Arch. Tiziana Leopizzi, Dr. Gino Bulla, Prof. Ivo Picchiarelli, the artists Cinzia Fiaschi (Italy), Dongeun Lee (South Korea/United Kingdom), Anne Murray (Ireland/US), Loreal Prystaj (United States) were in attendance. Artist Anne Murray performed her poetry work A Wary Thing it is to inaugurate the exhibition.

A range of artistic disciplines from the literary, visual, performing arts, design, architecture, and sound projects have been displayed.

Featured in the exhibition are the works of: Sevda Alizadeh (Iran/The Netherlands) Brent Armendinger (United States) Reynard Bargmann (The Netherlands) Victoria Bilogan (Ukraine/Australia) Charles Black (United States) Mary Blatherwick (Canada) Janet Braun-Reinitz (United States) Lily Brown (United States) Liz Caffin (Australia) Vincent Caranchini (United States) Lucie Chan (Guyana/Canada) Keith Chidzey (Australia) Rodrigo de Toledo (Brazil/United States) Nadia DeLane (United States) Rosa Daniela Diaz (Uruguay/Australia) William Dickinson (United States) Reed Evans (United States) Cinzia Fiaschi (Italy) Lynda Frese (United States) Melissa Gaudet (United States) Giuliana Geronazzo (Italy) Denise Gracias (Canada) Indigo Hanlee (Australia) Clare Louise Harmon (United States) Elizabeth Heyman (United States) Jane Heyman (United States) Michael Thomas Hill (Australia) Janel Houton (United States) Henry James Jochum (United States) Astrid Kensinger (United States/Singapore) Tatiana Kolupaeva (Russia) Joan Larkin (United States) Dongeun Lee (South Korea/United Kingdom) Sami Liuhto (Finland) Gerry Lynch (Ireland) Virginia Mallon (United States) Sarah Maple (United Kingdom) Martha McInnis (United States) Anne Murray (Ireland/United States) Ekaterina Nekipelova (Russia) Loreal Prystaj (United States) Catherine Reeves (United States) Dave Reinitz (United States) William Root (United States) Cathy Rose (United States) Carla Rump (The Netherlands) Lisa Solberg (United States) Aremy Stewart (United States) Mary Stewart (United States) Lisa Stybor (Germany) Roberta Pyx Sutherland (Canada) Lisa Taliano (United States) Jessica Tuckwell (Australia) Elly-Louise Tyquin (Australia) Julia Watson (United States) Marissa Weatherhead (United Kingdom) Jennifer Wiebe (Canada) Ossi Yalon (Israel).

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XI Florence Biennale
to 17 Nov.

XI Florence Biennale

eARTh – Creativity & Sustainability


The XIth Florence Biennale aims at contributing to envision a future in which creativity and sustainability are inspiring principles of an artistic and cultural ‘ecosystem’ within a world that is respectful of nature and life forms on Earth. In this perspective cultural diversity and biodiversity do not exist in separate and parallel realms, but are part of a kind of co-evolutionary process that needs to be preserved and nurtured.

Artists as well as creative and cultural industries, including therein museums, art galleries, artist-run societies, schools, publishers, and other organisations, can play a key role in the realisation of such a process, which entails many aspects – from education and talent and skills development to equality issues, from cross-disciplinarity and cross-culturalism to the value of all cultural identities and local traditions and, not least, the preservation of world heritage, whether cultural or natural, through programs of conservation and sustainable development.

Since two decades the Florence Biennale has gathered artists from around the world in the ‘cradle of the Renaissance’ to participate to a contemporary art event that every two years has been attended not only by those who make art, but also by hundreds of people who teach, learn, promote, market, collect or otherwise consume, and enjoy art. The sponsors that have allowed many artists to participate to this international contemporary art exhibition shows that the work of an

artist can harness with that of organisations from different countries engaged in a wide range of activities – from the production of eco-friendly materials to land reclaiming and recycling projects, from the sustainable growth of organic produces to fair trade and manufacturing processes respectful of human rights. Such a synergy ultimately means integrating creative, societal, environmental, and economic needs within a conceptual framework envisioning art and culture as resources for innovative approaches aimed at pursuing sustainable development goals in harmony with nature.

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to 7 Aug.


Chidzey’s new solo exhibition ‘Paradigm’ continues his sculptural journey. Utilizing timber, bronze, and glass, he articulates his latest visual research into the life of St Francis of Assisi and its implications for our lives today.

Francis Bernadone's radical enlightenment and subsequent response shook the world in ways rarely imagined. His attitude to the dispossessed, his understanding of beauty and creativity, and his radical environmentalism was extreme by the standards of his world.

It can still shake the world today.

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Chasing Francis
to 7 Dec.

Chasing Francis

My immediate past has centred on grief, lament and loss; personally and societal.

Increasingly my creative energy was absorbed by the imminent passing of my mother and a terminally ill childhood friend. As I emerged from the anguish of their passing, I focused more positively on the aspects of life: theirs and ours. To celebrate beauty and praise.

Researching the life of St. Francis of Assisi became inspirational. He went through the lowest of lows:  “The miserable emptiness of his life suddenly appeared before him; he was terrified at his solitude, Memories of his past assailed him with intolerable bitterness ...In such hours of moral anguish we seek refuge either in love or faith. By a holy violence he was to arrive at last at a pure and virile faith ...”[1]

In that pure faith he found beauty: “When he found an abundance of flowers, he preached to them and invited them to praise the Lord as though they were endowed with reason. In the same way he exhorted with the sincerest purity cornfields and vineyards, stones and forest and all the beautiful things of the fields, fountains of water,... earth and fire, air and wind, to love God and serve him willingly. Finally, he called all creatures brother ... he discerned the hidden things of nature with his sensitive heart, as one who had already escaped into the freedom of the glory of the sons of God.”[2]

[1] Paul Sabatier, The Road to Assisi, p.10

[2] Thomas of Celano, St Francis of Assissi, p.72-73

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to 26 Aug.


“Articulation of grief and loss is often difficult and painful. Chidzey journeys through his personal experience, seeking to bring empathy and comfort to anyone treading this pathway. Using a variety of media, from timber reduction carving to bronze, land performance and installations, Chidzey desires to express compassion, to console and to reassure.”

Amost over ..... today til 5; Sat 10-4; Monday & Tuesday 9-5 ... and that is it!

I must thank all those who have made this showexceed all my expectations: the Crew @ Gallery Red (esp. 'The Lizzy'); Warwick &amp; Dave with constructions; all the monster numbers who came to the opening night and made it such a success; Dave &amp; Liz for contributing to the documentation of the show; and the lovelies who got to put red dots on the works!

If you haven't had a chance to have a good look, or ned a second go, then time is running out ....

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I Want My Mum To Come
to 7 Sep.

I Want My Mum To Come

Collaborating with good friend Jackie Benney, this is an exhibition focussing on social justice issues, particularly the asylum seeker dilemma. The exhibition titled ‘I Want My Mum To Come’ has been inspired by the many and varied stories encountered through meeting many asylum seekers, refugees and people who were in detention over the last few years. We would very much like to extend a warm welcome to you, and your friends and family, to the exhibition.

 The exhibition is at the McGlade Gallery, ACU Strathfield, Sydney, with the opening on Wednesday the 21st of August at 6.00pm.

I am very motivated to show the human side of people involved. This has been largely stripped away by the cheap clichés and slogans of the mass media and politicians for their own agendas. We are trying to start to balance that out.

If you would be so kind pass it on to as many as possible, put this on your website/newsletters, and of course come and be part of the conversation, it would be most appreciated.

Useful Links:

  McGlade Gallery: here

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/393785834064622/

Jackie’s site: www.jacquelinebenney.com

Jackie’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jacquelinebenney.com

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Refinement in 3 Parts
to 11 May

Refinement in 3 Parts

This exhibition is the summation of five years of research into sculpture, performance and installation, leading to a Master of Fine Art through the College of Fine Arts (COFA), University of NSW. The thrust of the research has delved into fire, and refinement through fire. Chidzey said: “I wanted to investigate being able to use fire itself as an artwork, and probe the often spiritual implications associated with the flame.” The resulting creations highlight the inherent beauty of fire itself, and fire’s unique ability to have many contradictory meanings simultaneously.

French philosopher Gaston Bachelard wrote of fire: “Among all phenomena, it is really the only one to which there can be so definitely attributed the opposing values of good and evil. It shines in Paradise. It burns in Hell. It is gentleness and torture. It is cookery and it is apocalypse... It can contradict itself; thus it is one of the principles of universal explanation.” For Chidzey this delving into the supernatural approaches the heart of his work. The installations of this show highlight those beautiful contradictions by utilising live fire installations of ‘fire tubes’; the tension of fire & ice; both video and still image documentation of fire fountains.

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