Another Year Off And Running


Ask the beasts and they will teach you the beauty of this earth.

- St. Francis

Another year, another solo show to really get the ball rolling …

About to open on Saturday 2nd of February in beautiful downtown Rylstone is ‘Wing It’.

A bit of a lighter exhibition, but still within my ongoing exploration of the beauty and wonder of nature, this body of work touches an area which has been in the corner of my mind for many years – the love of birds of prey. Specifically: owls and eagles/falcons/kites.

These majestic creatures hold a deep fascination for me: their apparent aloofness, their serenity, their power, their danger, their mystique.

Now, add to this the welcome challenge of the design restriction to construct purely wall hanging work, this style and subject matter opens up a new direction for my timber work.

And it works, works really well.

After installation, I had one of those ‘satisfied with a job well done’ type of feeling – a very positive step as usually I am second guessing myself as to what could be done different, etc, etc. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I have.

As for the rest of the year, that is a bit up in the air. There are a couple of commission pieces on the go at the moment, there is an Outback trip I’m organizing in September (more of that elsewhere), but the rest is a bit on hold while I am waiting on the result of a further post-graduate study proposal. Everything else hinges on this latter, and I am trying to be patient…

Anyway, onto the year of 2019!