End of ...

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Another occasional missive from on the deck …

Another year is winding down, and it is time to pause and reflect on another annual dose of excitement, challenges, change and end of another chapter.

This year started with a wonderful opportunity – a solo show at the Mercure Koorindah resort on the lovely Central Coast. 30 + works of various sizes and many with multiple elements through reception, the dining area, and the outdoor verandah space, all treated with respect and given room to breathe. I was really happy at how this turned out, and am deeply indebted to the generous support of Rhonda & Stephen Castle and the staff at the resort.

During this time, I decided to get my wrist injury reassessed. After 16 years of relative stability, over the previous 18 months, it had been slowly and progressively deteriorated. A full battery of tests and scans resulted in my surgeon giving me two choices. One of which he did not want to entertain the surgical option: shortening the ulna, or … I am no longer a full-time sculptor.


Where to from here is the $64 question.

As well as the solo show in January, there were many other good things which unfolded this year were:

  • Despite backing off production, I’ve had enough work on hand to be involved with the NSW Sculptors Society group shows.

  • Featured in an episode of the internet arts program Colour in Your Life (https://youtu.be/UBO4BHfaKcc)

  • Got to head west again for a week’s residency to my ‘happy place’ and spend time in the desert at Fowlers Gap, have some space and develop new work.

  • Being honoured to be one of the featured artists in a new initiative highlighting the spiritual side of our lives (in Wollongong; “The Essentials” over 125 works by 4 artists for a month).

  • Included in the grand opening show of a new gallery in Mt. Dandenong, Melbourne (Kapi Art Space). Do yourself a favour – look up these lovely, talented ladies: great space, great people!

  • To end the year, there are several exciting commissions, which the clients have been so understanding in my not being able to deliver immediately – Thank you. The highlight of these has been the Huon Pine shields (see picture) going to Egypt as part of a retired Police Association trip as official gifts to their Emergency Services.

What is in store for the beginning of 2019?

  • A couple more very interesting commissions

  • A small solo show in Café #47 in Rylstone

  • Organizing a group field trip out west – “10 in 10”. Approximately 10 creatives for roughly 10 days going out to Fowlers Gap and Broken Hill to dwell and escape and make and have some fun and inhale the energy of our Outback … please contact me if you are considering you would like to be part of this …

  • And waiting … the BIG possibility, which is currently being assessed and I am trying to be very patient about due process, is an application for further postgraduate study ... we shall see.

So, hoping you all have had an excellent 2018, and wishing you a great Christmas and New Year, and a truly inspirational 2019.