what happened to Friday?


to say that the last few weeks have been a bit hectic would be a slight understatement.

After the drama and sheer exhaustion of the last second changes leading up to my graduation show, then came the brief respite while I was minding the show where I could take a breath & feel almost human again. But, following that was the psychosis of bumping out & sorting out all the equipment/walls/pics/etc. This took much longer than I thought and it is only now that I feel I am getting on top of it and can start thinking realistically about the next body of work.
Don't blink yet! The reports from the examiners just came in, and they are very favourable (YIPPEE!!), although some minor corrections are needed in the thesis - so time to switch back into writing mode (grr).

As all this blogging is about chronicling the journey of an 'emerging sculptor', it would be remiss of me to not do a proper evaluation of the show.
- fulfilment of premise (examination/assessment for MFA candidature): huge success
- organization of show: given the extreme nature of the immediate run in, I pulled off a whole new curation & installation with the help of some good friends got it in on time
- public exposure: poor to very poor. with the venue being changed from what was previously advertised in a high foot traffic area to an out of the way spot made this one a no-win situation, therefore zip exposure :-(
- support from friends: sorry to say this was disappointing, aside from a small few the lack of numbers from my substantial contacts in COFA and the sporting world was very disheartening. Especially those in positions of authority who promised their attendance (O well, can't control what others do). I can't dwell on this - just do the best I can do & see how it falls together.
- sales: surprisingly good given the above negative points. It helped recoup some of the cast.
costing: this was never going to be a cheap exercise, but I minimized costs as much as practical and am very grateful to the help I received.
- closing function: brilliant - I defy anyone to come up with an event like that on the shoestring I had. The fireworks were spectacular, and then the after effects of the projections and fire cutting through the smoke was spectacular.

After this, there are people I must thank:

  • Sylvia Ross - my supervisor and who has been pushing me for this whole journey)

  • Michael Abbott - my contact at Sydney Council who has provided so much help (including the last minute venue)

  • Damien Armstrong - all the technical help burning stuff along the way and running a great pyro show at the end

  • Warwick Saxby - partner in crime, muse extraordinaire and great friend

  • Jackie Benney and family - without whose help making this show happen would have been just that much more difficult

  • Ian and Kath Broughton - the magic instant flatpack show wall

  • Sarah Park - documenting the closing

  • Keith Leggett & the crew out at Fowlers Gap - without whose assistance and letting me loose most of that work would not have been possible

  • Peter Sharp + ILIRI mob - support and encouragement were invaluable (wearing the label: 'mad bastard' with pride)

  • lastly my family - where would any of us be without their help and support?


? next? ... there is lots to come that is already in motion ... but that is for another blogging!