Thank God ON a BIG Friday


Quite frankly I am numb and exhausted.

So much physical and emotional energy has been invested in the last couple of weeks, particularly the last 72 hours, that I am at a bit of a loss at the moment.

Quick summary: - venue for my grad show (5 years in the making & 6 months ago booked) was pulled out from under me 2 weeks ago.

- new venue finally confirmed at last minute

- bump in 1st day had great assistance by wonderful friends who worked like 'navvies'

- bump in 2nd day the good friends who were programmed to help couldn't come (uh-oh!)

- and then there came Friday ......

This was a day of so severely mixed emotions that I sometimes wonder what was going on. Why?

1) It was the final examination day of my uni career for my research MFA degree

2) My oldest critic (my mum) came and saw the show first - she is the one who got me into the art world all those years ago

3) + My father would have been 100 years old today - he taught me how to build stuff, and make things work even in improbable situations. I think he would have been proud.

Mix that in with the set up not being fully complete as exam time ticked closer - particularly a stubborn block of ice that just would not come out of its mould after 3 hours!

Finally, 1/2 an hour before they arrived I could sit down and tick each piece off as being satisfactory.

Then they came, exam protocol dictates the student has to be separate, but legally I have to watch the fire installation so I am just outside the doors. Over an hour later they surface, and quite frankly I don't know whether it is good or bad. They seem engaged, one even politely says she is coming back for the closing. I just have to trust I have done enough.


Now it is open to the public!

Come down and visit me! 10A Wattle St, Pyrmont (near the Fish Markets)

Sat 27th: 11-6; Sun 28th 11-2

Thurs 2nd - Sat 4th: 11-6; Sun 5th 11-2

Thurs 9th - Sat 11th: 11-6

& the closing party: Sat 11th 5pm-7pm ... and we will be having fireworks!!

And there are more pics on facebook!