"A bumping we will go ..."


Absolute exhaustion

Really shouldn't be writing this, so if I make a few grammatical faux pars, please be kind.

After spending 48 hours bumping in (with about 4 of those sleep) my grad show 'Refinement in 3 Parts' is 99% there - just some last minute tidying & testing.
Considering it is in a completely different venue to what it was designed for, I am pretty happy. 2 complete false walls were constructed (much thanks to Ian Broughton for help with one - "presenting: the flat pack mobile wall" .. Ikea should be jealous); a sectional almost full length of the building hanging curtain to try and darken the projection area; and dealing with mountains of heavy shelving. ... geez.

Much thanks must go to Jackie Benney and a couple of her boys (Aiden & Rohana) + Warwick Saxby for putting in a huge effort yesterday. Today my wife Michelle was the hero. Without these wonderful people I would be totally screwed.

Day off tomorrow for Anzac Day, where we remember our fallen and current Aus & NZ soldiers - and then it is Friday. Cometh the examiners.

But one good thing about this place, being almost next door to the Fish Markets means yummy lunches!