Harboursculpture #1


Now the rubber has well and truly hit the road – work is done and installed, opening about to happen, and I am very pleased with how it is going.
I have 3 works in Haboursculpture this year, two outdoor and one indoor.

The first piece I want to share with you has been called Floating Deception.
I have had issues for a long time with the way we treat our environment, the land which we have the responsibility to take care.

My artist statement summarizes it as: Floating Deception is a commentary on the state of our attitudes to the remaining old growth forests. We, as a modern community, have a tendency to ignore issues that are not immediately impacting on us. This is happening with our valuable, dwindling forests. ‘We’ float along, accepting what we are told by some segments of the forestry industry that ‘all is in hand’ when in fact, this precious resource is being destroyed for economic expediency. Complacency and ignorance cannot be allowed to continue – do not become ‘spineless jellyfish’ in the face of this ongoing destruction of these precious habitats.

More pictures are on my Facebook page

Harboursculpture is on every day until the 2nd of April on Clarkes Point, Woolwich and indoor at Hunters Hill Sailing Club.