I Am Still Alive ...


Been a bit quiet on the media front from me this year so far, not through lack of activity to write about, but rather just been so darned busy.

Time to start catching up and sharing what’s been going on.

Let’s start at the beginning. January hit the ground running with spending most of the month in beautiful Tasmania. There we had a bit of a holiday, played tourist, hit the sawmills collecting some more exquisite timber, and got to lead a week long bronze casting elective in FATA17.

What’s FATA17? Hosted by Poatina Arts, Faith and the Arts (FATA) is a multidisciplinary creative week, gathering people from all over Oz to share time making and being.

To say it was a joy and a privilege to hang with a cool bunch of talented creatives would be an understatement. Then you add the excitement (and nervousness) of letting half a dozen newbies loose throwing molten metal around the room ... that was a great week.

Some pics of us in action (credit John E Photography) and the final results displayed in the ‘showcase’ at the end of the time are coming to my https://www.facebook.com/chidzey.art/?ref=bookmarks page and Instagram soon.

Since returning, multiple projects have been on the go – these will be posted in coming weeks.

Stay tuned...