Musings on the Road


A Report of the Good, the Bad, and the downright Brilliant.
Spring really is a psycho season for anyone serious about getting your work out there exhibiting in group sculpture shows. It is physically impossible to produce enough work, and to get to all the shows in which I would like to take part.
The last few weeks has seen new work finalized and placed in shows ranging from two in Sydney, Mudgee, and Shellharbour.
Now, I am in Broken Hill about to commence performing/filming the latest developments of my fire research.
Then on return, it will be off to Laggan (north of Crookwell) for a new show at Willowtree.
I do have to say that the wear and tear both physically and emotionally does start to get to you. Even though my primary motivation in doing all of this is not for the sales and glory, it does become a bit depressing when you do all this work and very little moves. Some negative thoughts do rear their ugly head again. This was compounded when one established show did not have the courtesy to attend a site/install meeting (on a totally inappropriate site for my major piece) after having confirmed in writing, then driven 3 hours, waited for an hour and a half, no reply to phone calls/emails - then after giving up and two and a half hours of the drive home finally receive a call suggesting I turn around and come back ... was a touch in the 'not happy Jan' mode.
But then, you get reminded why and how I am driven to create.
And you get to see the fruits of your labours being appreciated. I am referring to the photo here (and more on my Facebook page) of my piece from last years Rylstone Wood Sculpture Symposium being installed in Gulgong. Felt so happy, and proud, and uplifted - you get the idea - that a piece of my work is on public display. With this comes a huge shout out to Ludwig Mlcek to make this happen - thank you.
Now, its onto the next stages here in Broken Hill/Fowlers gap to experiment, create and perform new fire pieces, and to push further 'plein air casting'.