The 'crazy' wheels are spinning


On the world turns, and so the crazy driven carnage continues.

After the show in Glebe, as per normal, I had a mini meltdown. Previously, this would have looked very ugly and I would have morphed into a hermit for weeks on end lamenting the woes of the personal and wider world. Instead, I secured a couple of days rest and then launched into a new lot of work. The fruits of that are now coming to bear with projects not being rushed for completion the day before delivery/install for the multiple group shows coming up.

What a pleasant experience!

So, what are these projects and what are their statuses:

  • First of two Sculpture Society shows [AMP building, CBD Sydney]; 25th Sept-23rd – complete

  • Second Sculpture Society show [Concourse, Chatswood]; 30th Sept – 23rd – complete

  • Minding those 2 shows midweek early Oct.

  • Sculpture in the Gardens [Mudgee]; 7/8/9 Oct – almost complete.

  • Sculpture at Killalea [Shellharbour]; 13/14/15/16 Oct. – almost complete.

  • Sculpture in the Vines [Wollombi]; 29th Oct-4th Dec – almost complete (to be installed prior to heading west)

  • Residency at Fowlers Gap [north of Broken Hill]; last 2 weeks of Oct – testing in progress for filming fire performance for Biennale.

  • Sculpture in the Village [Laggan – nth of Crookwell]; 4th-27th Nov – complete.

Hands up those feeling a tad exhausted rattling off all of that.

As part of this better mindset to getting the work done, it has enabled me to allow the ‘drivenness’ side of myself to run loose. As a result, there are soo many ideas and plotting and planning under way with little half ideas turning into fully formed future projects. Now this is exciting. Crazy, but really exciting.

The attached image is of part of my experiments for fire video piece – a little snippet will be up on my facebook page soon.

Keep a watch out – more mad stuff to come over the coming months.